I design products using nodejs, Ruby on Rails, go, Backbone and react.

Hello, my name is Jörg Diekmann. I am an experienced software designer, whose work is informed by a deep appreciation for User Interface Design (UX), and beautifully crafted code. I work from Cape Town, South Africa.

Sorry, I can't take on any new work: I am currently developing a new product, architected using messaging via rabbitmq, about a dozen microservices written in nodejs (and two in go), each hosted in their own docker containers, writing data to mongodb, redis, and mysql. The front end is mostly written in javascript using browserify and react.

Jörg is one of the most competent software engineers I have worked with. He has a very sound knowledge of software architecture, particularly in the web-based applications. He is amongst the most experienced Ruby on Rails people in South Africa.

Grant Brewer

The two biggest sites I have helped architect and develop are and, each attracting tens of millions of hits per month. I was part of the two-man team that developed the tournament manager software used at every ATP and WTA tennis tournament around the world - except Wimbledon.

Technologies I am Currently Into

javascript, nodejs, rabbitmq, mongodb, backbone, koa, react, go, Rails, browserify.

Latest Books I've been Reading

More books ...

Rails Workshops/Courses

So far I have given two intensive Rails training courses in Cape Town. They're probably more like workshops as we create an application from scratch using TDD. Each course had about four students.

Personal Projects/Businesses

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any of your own future projects.